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When FAST is


Photos by Charis Storms model Leah Faye

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We can't always avoid the fast fashion brands

Sometimes ethical fashion means slow fashion and we need an outfit TOMORROW.


Last minute job interview? Just got invited to go camping? Gained a bit of weight and have a dinner party coming up? Don't guilt yourself! Remember this: the actions of an individual are not justifications for the atrocities committed by institutions. Mending, tailoring, shopping small, and buying from local artists are all valid ways to turn your clothing needs into a low-waste fashion choice. It's about re-wearing, re-using, re-cycling, and re-inventing!


The shoes in this look are custom painted name brands. I'd give a shout out to the artist but they are no longer taking orders, unfortunately. (I plan to do a whole post on my shoe collection in the future.)


The pants are from a popular online clothing brand that I bought on sale for $20 and had tailored to me for another $20. They're my most comfortable, best fitting pants in my wardrobe.

The shirt is a $6 Depop buy that I purchased for my Ulala cosplay.

The jacket is from one of my FAVORITE vintage online sellers LAVEY.

The earrings are my mom's. Her old costume jewelry is now my vintage earring collection.

Thanks, Mom. <3

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