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Softly Rest

Photos by Leah Faye | Model and poem by Regina Strayhorn


Lately it’s been increasingly important to me to rest

To strip and sigh and ease my thighs and free my falling breast

To swim through my subconscious as the sun heads further west

And though it’s not about presenting, I personally feel, it’s when I look my best 

I love to “aaaaah” and “ooooooo”

Note the weird tan from my shoe

Breathing out red and breathing in blue

And treasure when breathing is all there is to do

I’ll let you see through the crack in my door a couple lines more:

I’m slipping into a state 

The hours getting late

So before I go I say:

Pleasure is my great resistance 

Softness is my best assistance 

I rest to live, you rest to live, so rest.



Personally- I feel it’s when you look your best. 


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