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sc5 studio-19.jpg

Left:Leah Faye (she/fae) as Ulala Right: Meredith Metcalf (she/her) as Pudding,

A Retro Throwbak in

Festival Wear

Concept by Leah Faye

Shot by Charis Storms

Makeup by Ivy Tinker

Ulala wig styled by Nichole Hernandez

Shot at Ivy House Studios in Brooklyn, NY

Lighting provided by Lightbulb Grip and Electric


Suspender Skirt: Custom made by Coquetry Clothing

Shirt, Tights, Boots: Depop

Wig: Purchased on Depop. Styled by Nicole Hernandez

Ray Gun: JC3D

(with some INCREDIBLE customer service.)

Custom Channel 5 Logo 3D printed by Ivan Potter Smith

sc5 studio-12.jpg


Gloves: Trixy Xchange

Dress: Depop

Shoes: Buffalo Exchange

Slowing it Down

This entire photo shoot came together at the very last minute. (Sound familiar?) The tights arrived the night before, and the ray gun arrived the morning of the shoot. My fiance was spray painting it blue while I was sitting in the make up chair.

Slowing down our fashion choices does mean that we are sacrificing the convenience of being able to order something online and getting it next-day delivered, or walking into any major box store and walking out with a haul of new clothes. (Although the latter has rarely been my experience, as stores don't often carry my sizes.)

I'm still learning how to navigate sacrificing this convenience, but slowing down my fashion choices has helped me want to spend less on cute trends. I remember wanting so badly a strawberry dress last year but not finding one that was ethical, affordable, and that fit me. Now I rather don't like the trend and realize I was just feeling FOMO that was exacerbated by living in lockdown.

Custom pieces take time, but they feel better than any designer dress I've ever tried on at Macy's. While second hand clothes are limited in options, but most of my previously owned pieces are a high quality that I know will last me awhile. Slowing down may be a small sacrifice, but it's definitely helped me avoid feeling like my body isn't meant to be put in clothes.

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